‘once upon a time’ kristen mcmenamy photographed by peter lindbergh for vogue italia, september 2009

this entire week has been fucking horrible

clement chabernaud
ewan mcgregor
will arnett
paul boche
nick ripoll
august diehl
daniel craig
ezra miller
michael fassbender 

Madison Hope Headrick by Tung Walsh for Oyster #100

InstaGlam by Kacper Kasprzyk, V #78 Fall 2012

ive been offline all day (with the exception of my phone, that i dont use much)

and let me tell you

it has been one waste of a day

like dont ever hang out with your family on saturday because you get ready to go do something and it never happens

i should have just went somewhere to read

like im not ever going to hang out with them ever on the weekends it’s a waste of my time this always happens i want to stab myself for even having wasted an entire day

i want to go out but i don’t know who to call omg }:

also it turns out the film thing is today because i thought august 3rd was last friday

im really sad about it and stuff but i can’t really do anything about it

i want to do something/hang out with someone i don’t want to be online

i didn’t use the computer all day. do you have any idea how refreshing that is